ACT - Access Control

Access Control Technology is an Irish-based designer and manufacturer of superior quality electronic access control and door entry products. It has highly flexible, scalable access control systems for every size of enterprise. 

Its product range covers complete integrated video management and access control solutions, as well as cloud-based access control and integrated video management systems. Its products are widely used across Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North America.

ACT Products

Cards and Credentials

Act recommends smart card or standard proximity (125 kHz) technology for new access control installations. We can also provide Cotag® or magnetic stripe cards for use in existing systems. Vanderbilt provides a wide range of readers to satisfy the access control requirements of most environments. Our access card readers can work with virtually any access control system on the market. Designed for easy installation and use, our card reader portfolio includes technologies ranging from magnetic stripe to 125 kHz proximity, multi-purpose smart card technology, and Cotag® technology. Each technology type includes at least one model with an integrated keypad to enable card-plus-PIN functionality, which is ideal for higher security applications.


ACT's single door access control products are robust, reliable and cost-efficient. They eliminate the challenge of managing keys and the cost of replacing locks when a key gets lost. They’re compact and easy-to-use, with a modern design that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor mounting.


At its core, the concept of access control is simple. It primarily means letting the “authorized” people in at the right times, to the right areas, as well as keeping the “unauthorized” people out. The range of Vanderbilt’s access control family enables you to create simple standalone systems, or expand online with increased functionality through award winning systems. Our access systems cater to integration throughout the range, as well as numerous third party applications via a range of select partner integrations.


The keycard reader is the single most vulnerable point in your entire physical office security setup. 90% of all access control cards in the industry today are easily copied and cloned on the internet. This has created the growing realization that most access control ID systems are now totally open to being compromised and vulnerable to attack.